I Wish I Said That

Hello world! After years of writing for other people, I’m excited to have a forum for my own writing in the form of this blog.

However, being a writer isn’t simply putting pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard. Any random Facebook post or Twitter feed is evidence of that. Being a writer is finding something valuable to say and communicating it in a way which makes someone you’ve never met say “I wish I said that”.

So, along with regular blog posts, I’ll be offering what I consider to be ‘quotable quotes’. When I taught middle school English, I used them to train my students to be writers. By asking them to interpret the quote, they were exercising their writer’s mind and seeking inspiration from someone else’s words. Some of my students loved the exercise and others hated it. Either way, I hope they realized its value. The quotes were meant to be seeds of inspiration. Reaching out from the page, they would makes us think a little longer about our place in the world and the profound effect our words have on each other.

As I mentioned, I was a middle school teacher so I tend to read young adult fiction. It’s the genre I write in, as well. While many of my quotes come from novels I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot), others are words which reached out to me from sages, both famous and obscure.

Whether you consider yourself a reader or a writer or, maybe, just a thinker. I hope these quotes will move you the way they have me. Feel free to pass them along. I hope they inspire you. If they do, I’d love to hear about it.

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